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Sundays Hard Seltzer is committed to sustainable production and continually working to lower our impact on the planet. In pursuit of this goal, Sundays has teamed up with Too Good To Go to offer our Ginger Cardamom hard seltzer at a discounted price in order to support the fight against food product waste. 


Too Good To Go is a mobile application that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold food surplus in order to save tasty, excess food, help eliminate waste and make the planet a better place.  


‘Too Good To Go is the perfect partner for Sundays Hard Seltzer, providing us a platform to ensure that none of our delicious hard seltzer is wasted’ says Sundays CEO Katy Lee.  


Sundays Hard Seltzer is an independent Swiss beverage company, committed to crafting premium, sugar free and gluten free hard seltzers.  Distribution of the last few remaining cartons of its first production of Ginger Cardamom can be found on the Too Good To Go app and collected starting on Thursday September 23. Visit to get details and reserve your 24 Pack today. 


Learn more about Sundays Hard Seltzer’s commitment to offset any unavoidable CO2 emissions with ClimatePartner and our work to clean up the world’s ocean with Plastic Bank here

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