Sundays in SWISS lounges

SWISS has taken its commitment to Swiss excellence to new heights by partnering with Sundays Beverage, an independent, Zürich-based beverage brand founded by friends with the mission of changing the way Switzerland drinks.  This collaboration showcases SWISS’s dedication to supporting local producers and introduces travelers to Sundays Blood Orange Ginger Hard Seltzer in Zürich and Geneva airport lounges. 

Sundays Hard Seltzer is a new innovative beverage – alcoholic sparkling water with natural flavors, no sugar or sweeteners, gluten free and 4% ALC/VOL – a light and refreshing alcohol alternative with only 75 kcal per bottle. A ClimatePartner-certified company, Sundays believes in both drinking well and doing well and is proud to partner with SWISS on this exciting launch.  

Swiss excellence

SWISS’s decision to include Sundays Hard Seltzer in its Zürich & Geneva airport lounges is a testament to its dedication to Swiss excellence. By supporting Sundays Beverage, a local startup that values quality, sustainability, and responsible drinking, SWISS provides passengers a unique and delicious alcoholic beverage option with a focus on mindful indulgence. So, when you’re in a SWISS lounge, be sure to savor Sundays Hard Seltzer Blood Orange Ginger — a refreshing, natural, and Swiss-made delight that embodies the spirit of “Sundays. For Fun Days.”

SWISS lounges Zurich Geneva

Independent beverage brand 

Sundays Hard Seltzer is a woman-led independent beverage brand founded by friends with the mission of changing the way Switzerland drinks. Meeting while living in Zürich, the friends came together to craft unique RTD beverages that pay homage to the Southern California surf vibes and Brooklyn hipster dives of the places they previously called home while ensuring Sundays’ light and natural taste excites in Zürich, Geneva, and beyond. 

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