Damp January

What is Damp January?

“Damp January” invites us to rethink the traditional approach of complete abstinence from alcohol during the start of the New Year, a practice commonly referred to as “Dry January”. Instead of adhering to strict resolutions, it encourages a more mindful and flexible relationship with alcohol. The emphasis is on moderation, allowing individuals to enjoy a drink responsibly while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s about finding that sweet spot where indulgence meets responsibility.


A perfect companion

At Sundays, we understand the importance of having a beverage that aligns with your balanced lifestyle. Sundays Hard Seltzer and Hard Ice Tea are both low ABV at 4%, crafted locally with care using natural flavors for a crisp, clean taste — making Sundays the perfect companion for those looking to enjoy the moment without compromising on their commitment to wellness. 

Sundays Hard Seltzer boasts zero sugar while Sundays Hard Ice Tea is a low sugar drink option for those looking for a little extra sweetness in their Damp January. 

As we embark on Damp January, let’s celebrate a balanced and fulfilling 2024 together. At Sundays, we believe in the power of choice — choosing to live life to the fullest while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



Independent beverage brand 

Sundays is a woman-led independent beverage brand founded by friends with the mission of changing the way Switzerland drinks. Meeting while living in Zürich, the friends came together to craft unique RTD beverages that pay homage to the Southern California surf vibes and Brooklyn hipster dives of the places they previously called home while ensuring Sundays’ light and natural taste excites in Zürich, Geneva, and beyond. 


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