Hard Seltzer vs. Beer

2020 was the year that hard seltzers first came to Switzerland, with a variety of new brands hitting the market, and the trend shows no sign of slowing in 2021.  


While consumers are becoming more familiar with the hard seltzer beverage category, the question of how hard seltzers compare to other common beverage types from a nutritional and health perspective remains.


So how does a hard seltzer compare to beer with respect to calories, carbohydrates, alcohol content and gluten levels?  We compared a 330mL bottle of Sundays Hard Seltzer to a few  popular Swiss and international beers (all 330mL) to find the answer. 

How many calories are in Sundays Hard Seltzer compared to beer?

Sundays Hard Seltzer averages less than 75 calories per bottle while beer typically ranges from from 125 to 175 calories depending on the style.

  • Appenzeller Quöllfrisch naturtrüb – 125 calories
  • Feldschlösschen Original – 125 calories
  • Chopfab Hell – 139 calories
  • Guinness – 125 calories
  • Brewdog – Punk IPA – 161 calories


How many carbohydrates are in Sundays Hard Seltzer compared to beer?

Sundays Hard Seltzer contains less than 0.5 grams of carbs per bottle, whereas beer averages about 10 grams of carbs for the same amount. 

  • Appenzeller Quöllfrisch Naturtrüb – 11.6 grams of carbs
  • Feldschlösschen Original – 8.2 grams of carbs
  • Chopfab Hell – 10.2 grams of carbs
  • Guinness – 10 grams of carbs 
  • Brewdog – Punk IPA – 15 grams of carbs 

hard seltzer vs beer

How much alcohol is in a Sundays Hard Seltzer compared to beer?  

Each of Sundays Hard Seltzer’s five unique flavors have an alcohol content of 4% compared to an average alcohol content of 4.5% with beer. 

  • Appenzeller Quöllfrisch Naturtrüb – 4.8%
  • Feldschlösschen Original – 4.8%
  • Chopfab Hell – 5%
  • Guinness – 4.2%
  • Brewdog – Punk IPA – 5.4%


Does Sundays Hard Seltzer contain gluten?  

Sundays Hard Seltzer is gluten free, unlike most varieties of beer which tend to contain gluten.

  • Appenzeller Quöllfrisch Naturtrüb – Not gluten free
  • Feldschlösschen Original – Not gluten free
  • Chopfab Hell – Not gluten free
  • Guinness – Gluten free
  • Brewdog – Punk IPA – Not gluten free




Sundays Hard Seltzer is low calorie, low carb, sugar free and gluten free. Try for yourself – buy a hard seltzer variety pack today.


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