Now available in Switzerland

A whole new way of drinking. Locally sourced, naturally flavored and mindfully produced.

The locally crafted and produced Sundays Hard Seltzer is now available to be enjoyed in Switzerland. Lightly flavored, the hard seltzer is an alcoholic sparkling water with a moderate alcohol content at 4% Vol. With zero sugar, gluten free and less than 75 calories per bottle it’s the perfect choice for mindful drinkers. It can now be ordered online and is available at selected retailers and gastronomy throughout Switzerland.

Designed and crafted in Switzerland, three simple ingredients are used in the production of this sophisticated hard seltzer: a fermented alcohol base, carbonated water and a hint of natural flavor. The alcohol base is made from all-natural ingredients and with its low alcohol content of 4%, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional beer, wine or spirit based drinks. Locally produced, the beverage contains carbonated Swiss water to ensure the freshest taste. A hint of natural fruit flavor tops it off for a light yet premium taste that is just right. Sundays is available in five premium flavors: cucumber basil, lime mint, grapefruit bergamot, ginger cardamom and mango passion fruit.

Sundays low 4% Vol. and zero sugar promotes mindful indulgence while its sophisticated flavors differentiates the brand from all other hard seltzers – Swiss or otherwise.

Consciously connected

In addition to delivering a delicious drinking experience, the young start-up is actively involved is supporting its local community and giving back to the planet. Sundays Hard Seltzer is committed to donating a share of its sales to support clean water initiatives sponsored by the WWF and is striving to offset 100% of carbon emissions by filling the beverage into recycled bottles and recyclable aluminum cans.

Independent beverage brand

Sundays Hard Seltzer is a woman led independent beverage brand founded by friends with the mission of changing the way Switzerland drinks. Meeting while living in Zürich, the friends came together to craft a hard seltzer that pays homage to the Santa Monica surf vibes and Brooklyn hipster dives of the cities they previously called home while ensuring Sundays’ light and natural taste excites in Zürich, Geneva, Lugano and beyond. The company is focused on developing delicious, lightly flavored alcoholic sparkling water while holding strong to their core values of responsibility, sustainability and healthful living.



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For adding a little flavor to your good times.

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