Share a Sundays with Roger and Klaus

Sundays Hard Seltzer’s ‘Share a Sundays’ initiative celebrates Switzerland’s artists, tastemakers, entrepreneurs, bartenders, restaurateurs and adventurers that are building Switzerland’s vibrant and unique culture and community. Today, we highlight:

Roger and Klaus

Profession: Owners The Caledonian Inn Winterthur

Instagram Account: @thecaledonianinnwinterthur

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Describe your ideal Sunday?

Our ideal Sunday starts shortly before noon in the warmer season. After a cup of fine coffee, we start the engine of our SAAB Cabriolet, open the top and set off on a journey of discovery through beautiful Switzerland. Every voyage of discovery leads us to a different part of Switzerland. However, we prefer to be out and about in the mountains with our convertible. Several stops are included, and we explore the beautiful regions in the Graubünden or Valais Alps on foot. When we are back in our home after a relaxing convertible excursion, a small BBQ is started at the end of a perfect Sunday, and our friends are invited spontaneously … our ideal Sunday.


Who would you Share a Sundays with?

A nice question with a difficult answer … but it would be with ABBA. We love their songs … ABBA is cult and we would love to share a Sunday with this cult band.


Where is your favorite place to drink a Sundays?

In our pub with wonderful guests.


Favorite Sundays Hard Seltzer Flavor

Roger: All sundays are great, but my personal favorite Sunday flavor is Mango Passion Fruit.

Klaus: I have several favorites … but my absolutely favorite taste is Lime Mint.


Sundays is being sold at The Caledonian Inn Winterthur, Switzerland.


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