How to Serve Hard Seltzer?

Best Hard Seltzer Servings

As hard seltzer is a new beverage category in the Swiss market, many bars and restaurants are learning how to best serve and enjoy the product. 

Sundays hard seltzers contain only three simple and natural ingredients – sparkling water, fermented alcohol, and the highest quality fruit extracts – and can therefore be enjoyed directly from the bottle or over ice with a simple garnish.   

Local bartender, Kacper Dylak of Bar Tourist shared his thoughts on simple pairings for each flavor of Sundays hard seltzer.  Which one will you choose?  Let us know in the comments.

  Pouring Cucumber Basil Hard Seltzer

Sundays Cucumber Basil

Serve in a chilled glass with ice and some basil leaves.
Bartender tip: Clap the basil leaves before placing into the drink to release the flavors.


  Pouring Sundays-Hard-Seltzer-Mango-Passionfruit

Sundays Mango Passion Fruit

Serve in a chilled glass with ice and an orange zest.
Bartender tip: squeeze the aromatic oils from the orange peel over the finished drink and then put it inside.


  Pouring Lime Mint Hard Seltzer

Sundays Lime Mint

Serve in a chilled glass with ice and a lime wedge.
Bartender tip: Squeeze the lime wedge and place it inside halfway through pouring the Hard Seltzer into a glass of fresh ice and then fill the top of the glass.


  Pouring Grapefruit Bergamot Hard Seltzer

Sundays Grapefruit Bergamot

Serve in a chilled glass with ice and 2-3 sprigs of thyme.
Bartender tip: Clap the thyme sprigs before placing it in the drink to release their flavours.

Pouring ginger Cardamom Hard Seltzer


Sundays Ginger Cardamom

Serve in a chilled glass with ice and a lemon zest.
Bartender tip: Squeeze the aromatic oils from the lemon peel over the top and place it inside.

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How would you serve a hard seltzer?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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