How is Hard Seltzer Made?

Hard seltzers consist of only three ingredients – sparkling water, a fermented alcohol base, and natural fruit flavors.


What kind of alcohol is in hard Seltzer?

Sundays hard seltzer is brewed, similar to beer.  However instead of using hops or malt like traditional beers, Sundays hard seltzer users fermented sugar to craft its alcohol base.  The resulting fermentation process burns off all of the sugar leaving behind a neutral (no smell or taste) alcohol base that is lighter than any distilled product.

Sundays hard seltzer uses only the highest quality natural fruit extracts which are combined to give all five flavors their own fresh and unique taste profile.  This commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients differentiates Sundays hard seltzer and ensures that every bottle is as fresh and refreshing as you are.

With the addition of pure alpine water, each bottle of Sundays hard seltzer has 0 sugar and an ABV of 4% – perfect for those looking to drink differently while remaining mindful.

Sundays believes in drinking local.  Sundays is made in Switzerland – designed in Zürich, perfected in Bern, and produced in Winterthur.


Sundays Hard Seltzer Flavors

Sundays Cucumber Basil 

Sundays Lime Mint

Sundays Grapefruit Bergamot 

Sundays Ginger Cardamom

Sundays Mango Passion Fruit

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