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Sundays Hard Seltzer now offers free delivery across Switzerland for ALL online orders when purchasing direct on

Made with only 3 simple ingredients: sparkling water, a fermented alcohol base and natural fruit flavors, Sundays Hard Seltzer is locally produced to ensure the highest quality and freshest taste. 

Designed in Zürich, perfected in Bern, and produced in Winterthur, Sundays Hard Seltzer is enjoyed everywhere.


Sundays Hard Seltzer Products

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Other Places to Buy

Sundays Hard Seltzer is also available at many of your favorite bars, brick and mortar stores and online drink shops.  

Where would you like to see Sundays Hard Seltzer sold? Share your comments on your favorite bars as well as go-to retailers such as Coop, Migros, Denner, Globus, Manor and more below in the comments. 

We will see you there soon.

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