Sundays on Lion’s Den TV Show

Sundays Hard Seltzer appears on Season 4 of Lion’s Den. At the time of production, Team Sundays was just beginning its fundraising efforts, and pitching on Lion’s Den TV show was the perfect opportunity to gauge investor interest at the highest level.

The journey from initial pitch to filming with the Lions brought the entire team together, with co-founder Norell Narum and strategic partner Yves Heer serving as the faces of Sundays Hard Seltzer.


Step 1: Pitching Video


Step 2: Question Preparation 

In preparation for the show, Team Sundays brainstormed hundreds of questions and answers in order to provide the investors the necessary details and, even more importantly, correctly frame the exciting story of Sundays Hard Seltzer.  

Read about 10 of the most essential questions you should be prepared to answer when pitching your business to potential investors.


Step 3: Stage Set up 

In preparation for filming, the CH Media production crew for Lion’s Den provided detailed information as to what the stage would look like, what types of props would be provided and what we could/should bring as well as the different camera angles.

With this guidance in mind, Team Sundays worked hard to prepare everything necessary to showcase the product in the best possible light. This included a branded bicycle bar, which provided an ideal beverage service location while nodding to Sundays’ environmental commitment, which was one of the key selling points to the Lions.

die höhle der löwen staffel 4
Caption: Co-Founder Norell Narum and Yves Heer preparing for production

Step 4: Product Presentation

Sundays Hard Seltzer should always be enjoyed cold and freshly opened. However, for the filming, we had to pre-open the bottles and pour the product in the glasses 20 minutes prior to the jury taste test. This presented a challenge, as the Lions would be sampling the product in a non-optimal way – and ultimately the taste of the hard seltzer, more than anything else, would be the primary driver of investment.

While the service restrictions were unavoidable, Team Sundays worked to accelerate the introduction pitch and serve the product to the Lions as quickly as possible, and ultimately the flavor and drinkability of Sundays Hard Seltzer won over the investors.

Die Höhle der Löwen Sundays Hard Seltzer
Caption: Co-Founder & CEO Katy Lee with Norell Narum

Step 5: Filming 

Team Sundays is comprised of an international group of friends hailing from Switzerland, the United States, France and Australia. Since Die Höhle der Löwen is a Swiss German speaking show, Norell and Yves, the two Swiss members of the team, represented Sundays on the show.  Sundays Hard Seltzer CEO, Katy Lee and co-founder Jennifer Kedinger were on standby backstage to discuss the details of the proposed investment.

Die Höhle der Löwen Sundays Hard Seltzer 4
Caption: Co-Founder Norell Narum and Yves Heer (left) Katy Lee CEO & Co-Founder (right)

Step 6: Pitching

Norell kicked off the investor pitch by introducing Sundays Hard Seltzer to the Lions.  This was followed by the Lions tasting Sundays and then diving into their questions about the company and the product.

Throughout, Norell and Yves did an excellent job answering the Lion’s questions, telling the story of the young company and explaining why it was optimally positioned for growth in this new beverage category.  

Ultimately, all the hard work preparing for the filming paid off, with the Lions showing a great deal of interest in being involved in Sundays Hard Seltzer.


Watch Sundays Hard Seltzer on Die Höhle der Löwen on 3+ on November 1, 2022 at 20:15. After the TV broadcast, full episodes of Die Höhle der Löwen can also be seen in the oneplus streaming service.

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