Share a Sundays with Jennifer Kedinger

Sundays Hard Seltzer’s ‘Share a Sundays’ initiative celebrates Switzerland’s artists, tastemakers, entrepreneurs, bartenders, restaurateurs and adventurers that are building Switzerland’s vibrant and unique culture and community. Today, we highlight:

Jennifer Kedinger

Profession: Marketing

Instagram Account: @jenkedinger

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Describe your ideal Sunday?

A beautiful sunny day, with not a cloud in sight. Starting the day with swimming up Flussbad Oberer Letten for exercise. Then, enjoying a picnic with friends, while Primitivo is hosting live DJ set until the sunsets.


Who would you Share a Sundays with?

Mufasa, the happiest guy on the internet.


Where is your favorite place to drink a Sundays?

Summer – Primitivo Letten

Winter – Zermatt


Favorite Sundays Hard Seltzer Flavor

Lime Mint

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