New Blood Orange Ginger flavor

Just in time for summer 2022, Switzerland’s favorite hard seltzer brand has released a new Blood Orange Ginger hard seltzer flavor, pairing refreshing citrus with an invigorating ginger kick.

Developed by Sundays’ in-house team, the new Blood Orange Ginger hard seltzer is perfect for those hot days spent picnicking at the lake or floating down the Limmat.

New Sundays Hard Seltzer Flavor

‘Sundays prides itself on being a nimble start-up that is not afraid to take risks and innovate’ says Sundays CEO Katy Lee. ‘One of the benefits of having an in-house beverage development team as well as production facilities that support both large scale and smaller product runs is that we can quickly bring new flavors to market in order to see what resonates with consumers.’


Katy continues ‘You can expect to see new flavors of Sundays Hard Seltzer coming out more regularly, including some really exciting collaborations with more established brands.  The goal is to push what a hard seltzer can be and ultimately make the best tasting hard seltzers in Switzerland and throughout Europe.’


Like all Sundays Hard Seltzers, the new Blood Orange Ginger flavor is 4% ALC/VOL, contains fewer than 70 kcals a bottle, is gluten free and vegan, is produced in Switzerland and supports climate initiatives.   


Try the new Blood Orange Ginger flavor by buying Sundays Hard Seltzer online with free home delivery in Switzerland when purchased here or find us in a store, restaurant or bar nearby.

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