What is Hard Seltzer?

What is hard SELTZER?

In Europe, the term ‘seltzer’ has historically been associated with the fever and pain relief brand Alka-Seltzer while in the US, where hard seltzers originated, ‘seltzer’ is synonymous with ‘sparkling water’ or ‘carbonated water’.


However, with the explosion of hard seltzers onto the European market, this dynamic is quickly changing.  Hard seltzers are a light and refreshing alternative to beer, wine or spirit based drinks crafted from sparkling water, fermented alcohol and natural fruit extracts.  


Although the term ‘seltzer’ is commonly used to describe the carbonated water aspect of this new drink trend, it is by no means the only term being used.  In fact there are a myriad of different ways to describe both the sparkling water component and the alcoholic base, including:


  • Hard Seltzer
  • Spiked Seltzer 
  • Alcoholic Seltzer 
  • Fizzy Seltzer
  • Hard Soda
  • Aqua Hard Water 
  • Spiked Seltzer 
  • Spiked Sparkling Water
  • Hard Sparkling Water 
  • Alcoholic Seltzer 
  • Alcoholic Seltzer Drink
  • Fizzy Hard Seltzer 
  • Chilled Seltzer
  • Alc Seltzer
  • Alpen Seltzer
  • Fruit Seltzer 


Although known by many different descriptors, ‘hard seltzer’ remains the preferred and most commonly used naming convention for this new beverage category.   



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