Share a Sundays with Tim Stief

Sundays Hard Seltzer’s ‘Share a Sundays’ initiative celebrates Switzerland’s artists, tastemakers, entrepreneurs, bartenders, restaurateurs and adventurers that are building Switzerland’s vibrant and unique culture and community. Today, we highlight:

Tim Stief

Profession: Content Marketing at Witwinkel

Instagram Account: @timstief

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Describe your ideal Sunday?

My ideal Sunday doesn’t start too early in spring, but it doesn’t start too late either. At 9:30 am I want to be ready for the day and go to training first. After training, I go straight to the lake and meet up with friends. We eat together and spend the whole Sunday together. We eat, drink and laugh together until late in the evening. Time flies by and everything feels weightless. In this moment I forget all worries and enjoy the moment. My ideal Sunday.


Who would you Share a Sundays with?

Hmm … this question is more difficult than I would have thought. I recently found an artist on Instagram, Terry Urban, who I really like. I think I would love to have a Sundays with him right now and talk about creativity of all kinds. He seems like a very sociable guy to me.


Where is your favorite place to drink a Sundays?

Hmm, I don’t think Sundays are really tied to one location. Much more to the people with whom I enjoy one thing. Certainly in the sunset, somewhere with the right people.


Favorite Sundays Hard Seltzer Flavor

In my opinion, there is no such thing as the one Sundays Flavor. Sometimes I like one better than the other – depending on the situation. So far I have probably drunk the Mango Passion Fruit flavor the most. Hence probably the;)

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