Share a Sundays with Chris Capol

Sundays Hard Seltzer’s ‘Share a Sundays’ initiative celebrates Switzerland’s artists, tastemakers, entrepreneurs, bartenders, restaurateurs and adventurers that are building Switzerland’s vibrant and unique culture and community. Today, we highlight:

Chris Capol

Profession: Owner of RAW Station Chur

Instagram Account:

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Describe your ideal Sunday?

On a beautiful, hot summer’s day, I am cruising in the 1972 Chevrolet El Camino, my wife in the passenger seat on the road towards Walensee. There are 2 SUPs (stand up paddles) and a cooler full of Sundays on the loading area, the song “Diamond in the rough” is playing on the radio by Social Distortion. The whole day is ours.


Who would you Share a Sundays with?

Definitely with Mike Ness. We share the same passion: music (rockabilly), US cars and tattoos.


Where is your favorite place to drink a Sundays?

With friends at my RAW Station in Chur or on a day off at any lake.


Favorite Sundays Hard Seltzer Flavor

Grapefruit Bergamot 


Sundays is being sold at Coop on Marktgasse 24 in Bern, BRIDGE in Zürich, Raw Station in Chur, bars and restaurants throughout Switzerland.

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