Rugby Union Zurich sponsorship

Sundays Hard Seltzer is a proud sponsor of the Rugby Union Zurich team. The team celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2019 and today they play in the National League B of the Swiss Rugby Union. 

The new season has begun – catch the team at a home or away game. 


Season 2022/2023

10.09 at 13:00 
Rugby Bellinzona
Home Game
Allmend Brunau
18.09 at 13:00
RFC Basel II
Away Game
24.09 at 15:00
TV Thun
Home Game
Stadion Breite
08.10 at 14:00
RC Winterthur II
Away Game
Stadion Deutweg
22.10 at 13:00
Rugby Lugano II
Home Game 
Allmend Bruneau
05.11 at 15:00
RC Biel-Bienne
Home Game
19.11 at 15:00
Rugby Bellinzona 
Away Game
Parco urbano



Looking for a sponsor for your sports team? Submit your request to the team at Sundays Hard Seltzer. 

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