Meet the passionate founders

Good friends come together to craft a hard seltzer that pays homage to their hometowns.

Zurich, 4th November 2020 Sundays Hard Seltzer is establishing itself as the premium option in the rapidly growing hard seltzer market.  Driven by a desire to both drink well and live well, Sundays’ founding friends created their very own hard seltzer modeled after the US-based version of the product, but upgraded for the Swiss market.  Partnering with industry experts at Creative Food and Beverage, President Katy Lee and fellow co-founders crafted Sundays Hard Seltzer – a premium, Swiss-made product with a conscience.


An independent beverage brand was created, which focuses on the development of tasty, lightly flavored alcoholic sparkling water while remaining true to the core values of responsibility, sustainability and healthful living.

It all started when international friends living in Zürich came together to craft a hard seltzer that pays homage to the Santa Monica surf vibes and Brooklyn hipster dives of the cities they previously called home, while ensuring Sundays’ light and natural taste excites in Switzerland. The young start-up is already generating a great buzz in Switzerland not just for its refreshing drinks, but also its commitment to donating a percentage of revenue to support clean water initiatives and embracing sustainable production.  


When asked what makes Sundays Hard Seltzer different from the other Hard Seltzers out there, Katy Lee comments: “We always knew that we did not just want to put another product out into the world.  We wanted Sundays to reflect what we feel is important in life:  simple, high quality ingredients, local production, mindfulness and a recognition of the importance of community.  We wanted Sundays to be more than just a beverage, we wanted to build a brand with a heart.”



Changing the way Switzerland drinks is part of a broader purpose: to provide a fun and refreshing alcohol alternative that supports healthful indulgence.  Self-care is at the very core of Sundays Hard Seltzer, embodied by the brand’s namesake, Sunday: a day of pleasure and ease, where one can pause, share, and laugh with friends and family. 

Katy explains:  “Coming from energetic cities, we always felt the necessity to keep one day for ourselves, our friends and relatives, one day to “refresh” and build energy for the upcoming days or weeks ahead. We created Sundays Hard Seltzer as a companion accompanying us in all these moments.” 


Consciously crafted

Right from the start it was important for the team to create a product that was locally produced and contained only three simple and essential ingredients: sparkling Swiss water, natural fruit extracts and fermented alcohol.  Designed with partners Can Kalayci and Yves Heer of Creative Food and Beverage in Bern, and produced in the canton of Zürich, Sundays is proudly Swiss.. Donating a share of the sales to support clean water initiatives sponsored by the WWF, the start-up cares about giving back to the planet. 

Katy adds:  “In addition to our current initiatives, we are striving to offset 100% of carbon emissions by 2021, and filling the beverage into reusable glass bottles and recyclable aluminum cans. Our vision of sustainability is global, and rooted in our respective work experiences.”

Hard Seltzer Schweiz Sundays Founder

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