Sundays 5 Bottle
Trial Pack

Sundays Hard Seltzers and Hard Teas are light and refreshing.

Sundays. For Fun Days.

CHF 30.00


Product Description

Our gift pack is the perfect way to explore each of Sundays’ 5 unique flavors. Each order is shipped in a high quality gift box, making it the perfect way to share a Sundays with those you love or to treat yourself to a differentiated refreshment experience.

Each Carton Contains:
1 bottle Sundays Lime Mint Hard Seltzer
1 bottle Sundays Mango Passion Fruit Hard Seltzer
1 bottle Sundays Blood Orange Ginger Hard Seltzer
1 bottle Lemon Hard Ice Tea
1 bottle Peach Hard Ice tea

330mL per bottle.
Swiss Made
Gluten Free

By purchasing this product you are helping us offset 2.85kg CO2 with ClimatePartner

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